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Streaming Movies the same Day they Release on DVD

As per the latest viral stories, we live in an important time as far as entertainment technology is concerned. We are right now probably witnessing the last few years that movies actually get delivered over a physical medium like a DVD. The move to streaming movies has begun. And Netflix, with its recent 60% price hike, is believed to have done this to discourage people from hanging on to the past. People could easily shave half off their Netflix bills by simply dropping the DVD option altogether.

And yet, streaming movies don’t do everything that DVDs do. We can’t turn on subtitles for any reason that we might need them for, we don’t get the special DVD extras, and we have to put up with endless restrictions over our choice of content and how we use the content that we do download. For instance, if you want the newest releases, you can’t have them for the cheap price that you’ve always paid for DVD rentals. On Vudu for instance, a movie costs four dollars. You can get it on RedBox, but you have to wait a couple of months for the new titles. But one doesn’t even understand why a Netflix really wants you to move to streaming movies. They don’t have any of the latest movies at all.

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And that’s where the new movie streaming service called Zediva comes in. All the problems that we’ve whined about above, this company uniquely takes care of in one fell swoop. You get your DVD extras, once you start a movie you don’t have to finish it for two weeks, and you don’t have to wait for a title at all. You get to stream a movie the day the DVD releases. Best of all, it’s cheap. It’s one dollar a movie.

So how exactly does Zediva achieve this? How do they give you streaming movies at DVD rental prices? And how do they stream movies to you on the day the DVD arrives? They do this in a very strange new way — they don’t store their movies on hard drives. They just buy movie DVDs the day the movie arrives, like anyone else. They buy those DVDs, and they pop them into banks of hundreds of DVD players that they have. Any time you pick a movie at home to stream, what you are in fact doing is, you’re turning on the DVD player they have all the way over there at their company. It’s like when you press play or pause, you’re just using a DVD player, connected to your TV using a really long wire.

Well, maybe that the movie studios will find a way to shut them down for some reason. But until that happens, you’re really good to go.