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Using self-defense to protect yourself

If learning self-defense is something you feel you should know more about; do a little research and get the facts. Often when there has been a confrontation and the victim tries to remember what happened, it may not come back completely. One strategy that an assailant may use is working so fast that you don’t know what hit you. When you are learning self-defense, your nervous system is being patterned at the same time. You will have the ability to think rapidly and react properly in an unsuspected event.

If you are confronted on the street and feel threatened enough and think you will be attacked, then make the first move and attack. If someone is going to attack you, it is counterintuitive to wait – attack them first! The psychology of the situation demands that you attack as soon as you can or else fear may get a hold of you. If there is no one to help you, and nowhere to go, this is the strategy you want to use. What effect, if any, will this have on your assailant? This is something you need to think about too. If people are attacking you, there is the possibility that they have determined that they will win. This is a great signal to send your assailant if they are coming after you.

It’s normal to feel afraid if you do not have a history of fighting and suddenly you are looking at having to fight. In this situation your body will experience adrenaline pulsing through your veins. You will experience shortness of breath and your hands may become unstable. You will need to face your fear and pay attention to the person confronting you. Forget the fear and anything else and focus on what the other person is doing. Once you have maintained your emotions, you will have more power over the situation with this item.